Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rock'n'Roll Parenting

So another rainy day and my beautiful boys are insane with the constriction of inside play and at each others throats. We have done baking and watching Chugginton for a million episodes and any kind of play that is possible (eg. anything like painting or puzzles is out as Oscar is too young and just eats it, destroys it or runs away with it). We have even played outside in the rain - running up and down "go, go, go" until we were soaked to the skin.
Sick of kids tv I put my Tori Amos Live CD on and tried to get the boys to play independantly - Auden with crayons and Oscar with containers from our tupperware drawer. I needed some background music that kept me calm now - forget the boys needs for a half an hour and take care of myself. After much protest from Auden that I wasn't putting Chuggington back on he settled into his crayons whilst grooving out to Tori. Every time they do a close up of her face he points at the screen and says, "Mummy". He actually thinks its me, which makes me laugh and cheers me up no end - seriously, compliments are few and far between when your at home in your pj's with toddlers all day so you gotta take them where you get them, even if they are unintentional. Auden believes that I can play piano like that and sing..you gotta laugh. We start playing air piano together to the songs and Oscar is dancing. In fact, Oscar has turned into a being of light he loves music so much and every time a song ends and the audience clap both Oscar and Auden clap and cheer too. We are having our own live performance and the wiggles are nowhere in sight. Hooray!! So much fun and such a relief to my soul.
I tell Pete when he gets home that Auden thinks I'm Tori Amos. He wonders when we can go on tour and if he can be the roadie. We fantasise about another life and laugh about it together. The lightness of being continues. Always, always, the music brings us back.
Of course, perhaps Auden will get a few strange stares if he decides to sing some of his newly discovered lyrics in public. It might be kinda strange for a toddler boy to yell "Give me peace, love and a whore's heart" in the supermarket.
Here's hoping...

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